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The joint stock company, FONYU , based in Taiwan commenced the production of both hydraulic and mechanical machine press more than 38 years ago. FONYU has produced high quality machine presses and hydraulic press for many well-known auto parts production companies and Die provider companies in worldwide countries. Because of continuous efforts, FONYU finally has earned a good reputation and has been trusted by his customers.

Manufacturing program of the FONYU is focused on production of customization machines. Following the trend of auto parts production evolution such as high-tensile steel, progressive die, and transfer die.... etc., FONYU has introduced and developed big size machines along with international standard and guarantee of the quality and reliability. FONYU are indeed expecting customer satisfaction not only the quality but also the price.

Factory Address: No. 90, Diann Hwu 1st Rd., Lungtan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan 32543.

Factory Area: 8,928 square meters
Building Area: 8,267 square meters
Number of Employee: 60 persons (Dec. 2012)

In 1975 Established San-Ta Machinery Co., Ltd. Mainly focused on manufacturing hydraulic deep-drawing press and press repairing or refitting in addition.
In 1979 Renamed as FONYU MACHINERY CO., LTD.
In 1983 Introduced mechanical press for production.
In 1987 Made global debut in the market of Canada, Israel, Mainland China, Southeast Asia.
In 1988 Acquired present location 8928 square meters in Lungtan Township.
In 1989 Accomplished factory floor 2645 square meters.
In 1990 Moved to new facility in Lungtan, Taoyuan County.
In 1991 Extended factory floor 1155 square meters and office facility 2145 square meters.
In 1992 Invested #200 Floor-typed boring and militing machines, and #130 ATC boring and milling machines.

In 1993 Installed #130 and #200 floor-typed boring & milling machines.
In 1994 Acquired #100 Floor-typed boring & milling machines.
In 1995 Signed the friendly partnership with Kawasaki Hydromechanics Corporation.(In Japan)
In 1996 Extended factory floor 2315 square meters.
In 1998 Signed the OEM relationship with Sutherland Press in USA.
In 2002 Introduced 1600tons 4-Point Eccentric Mechanical presses.
In 2007 Introduced 2000tons 4-Point Eccentric Mechanical presses for progressive-die production.
In 2012 Developed 2400tons 4-Point Link-Motion Mechanical press.

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