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Factory Address : 90 Diann Hwu 1st Rd., Lungtan Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien,
Taiwan R.o.c.
Factory Area : 2700 pings (8928m2)
Building Area : 2500 pings (8267m2)
Number of Employee : 97 person (March 1999)
Main Products : Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press, Hydraulic Die Spotting Press
SMC Glass Fiber Hot Forming Press, C Type Single Crank Press
C Type Double Crank Press,Straight Side Double Crank Press
Eccentric Straight Side Press, Automatic Feeding Equipment.
C Type link motion press, straight side link motion press.


In 1975 San Ta Machinery Co., Ltd. was established for the production of hydraulic metal
forming press and repair and mold of hydraulic press.
In 1979 The company was renamed as Feng Yu Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.
In 1983 Development of mechanical plating press for production.
In 1987 Products introduce into in the market of Canada, Israel, mainland China, and
Southeast Asia.
In 1988 The acquisition of 3000 pings (6600m2) plant site in Lungtan.
In 1989 The completion of Stage construction for 800 pings plant facility.
In 1990 Relocation from Shulin Town, Taipei Hsien to new facility in Lungtan.
In 1991 The completion of stage construction for 350 pings (1155m2) plant facility, office,
dormitory, etc., for a grand total of 650 pings (21451m2)
In 1992 The acquisition of #200 Floor-typed boring and milting-machines, and #130 ATC
boring and milling machines.
In 1993 The installation and production of #130 and #200 floor-typed boring & milling machines.
In 1994 The acquisition of #100 Floor-typed boring & milling machines.
In 1995 Sign a joint venture with Kawasaki Hydromechanics Corporation (in Japan).
In 1996 1.The company name was changed to be Fonyu Machinery Co., Ltd.
2.Proceeded with ISO 9001 certification and renew enterprise identification system.
3.Procured 2315m2 land property.
In 1997 1..ISO 9001 certification approved.
2.Proceeded with CE mark certification.
In 1998 USA Sutherland Press OEM
In 1999

1.4-supension eccentric press
2..CE mark certification approved.

#200 floor-type boring & milling machine #130 ATC computerized boring & milling machines