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During the product designing and manufacturing process of ours, all of our staff have contributed their utmost dedication and complete devotion to produce and deliver quality products that have lived up to the standards and satisfaction of customers in order to uphold company's good reputation. Furthermore,we are here to make sure our customers do receive the best products and service available from us.

We care for the task of quality control a great deal. In the flow of communicationF designF manufactureF delivery, we devote ourselves to our work totally with the spirit of "Integrated quality control,full phase quality control. " Therefore , customers can trust us with the task of design and production.
Installtion and trial run of hydraulic press

Installation of C-type-Press

We specialize in manufacturing forming press machine for car's plating piece and bottom plates and other metal products. We are also an OEM company that can design production flow process and manufacture machinery at the request of customers. We are always in service for the best economical interest of customers.

2-point crankless press(plate side-moving exchange type)